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We are delighted to introduce the iconic German premium wine brand

Blue Nun is one of the world’s oldest German wine brands. State-of-the-art cellar technology is the guarantee of consistent high quality.
With elegant appearance, delicious taste, and exceptional quality at an affordable price, Blue Nun wines are extremely appealing and already have a large number of loyal consumers in more than 65 countries.
Our selection features brand’s specialty and innovation - wines for everyday consumption including low alcohol and sparklings for special occasions.
Blue Nun


Right from the start the fragrance infatuates you. There is almost no other wine that is so defining for German white wine like the Blue Nun RIESLING. Once in the glass, its intensive aroma points to its noble provenance. On the palate it shines with a slight residual sweetness and fruit acidity full of character. Blue Nun RIESLING should be enjoyed with grilled dishes and pairs exceptionally well with Asian cuisine due to its clean and crisp finish.

Blue Nun


Aromatic, fruity and racy - that is how connoisseurs love their grapes from the River Rhine. The Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE has more balance, soft - ness, and depth of fruit flavour. All combined to give you even more enjoyment and pleasure. Blue Nun AUTHENTIC WHITE goes excellent with poultry, light meat dishes, fish, Asian and Vegetarian Cuisine.

Blue Nun


Blue Nun MERLOT is sourced from the Languedoc region of France, which is renowned for its healthy MERLOT grapes. On the palate the Blue Nun MERLOT develops a firework of aromas of red fruits. The Blue Nun MERLOT is best enjoyed at room temperature with stews, pasta or rich soups and excellent with cheese.

Blue Nun


Blue Nun 22K GOLD EDITION is a high quality sparkling wine, with a full, rounded flavour. What makes it really distinctive is that it contains fine pieces of 22-carat gold leafs, designed to highlight its natural effervescence. A great apéritif or accompaniment for light meals and hors d’oeuvres, this is the perfect wine for celebrations, special occasions, and life’s golden moments.